Why I went plant based

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be eating a vegan diet in the future I would have laughed. In my eyes vegans were tie-dye-wearing, tree hugging hippies. Not that’s there is anything wrong with... Continue Reading →

Is a vegan diet unhealthy? – The Facts

When you search the net on a vegan diet you get a whole range of things come up...some interesting and useful but most are seriously inaccurate! The more I searched it became clear to me that there is a lot of... Continue Reading →

Warming roasted butternut squash with coconut

  Serves 4-6   2 butternut squashes slice into chunks 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes or 8 chopped up large toms 1 can of black beans 1tbs ginger 1tbs cinnamon 1tbs rapeseed oil 2 tbs shredded coconut   To serve:... Continue Reading →

Creamy Vegan Carbonara

Since a famous study by Harvard university came out warning us of the dangers of dairy products, (and numerous studies showing us that countries with high dairy consuming had the highest rate of osteoporosis) many have started to look for... Continue Reading →

Vegan potato salad

Fibre is a very important part of our diet. Particularly insoluble fibre as  firstly; it has hardly any caloric value (i.e. it goes straight through you) but secondly it attaches to cholesterol and other harmful fats and takes them out... Continue Reading →

Crispy roasted chickpeas

I have this as a snack at least once a week as it is delicious and super easy to make!! Chickpeas are a wonderful ingredient to eat and cook with. They support digestive and gut health due to the fact... Continue Reading →

RAW, healthy Ferrero Rocher Balls

    Step 1 200g dates 1 cup pecans 1 cup roasted hazelnuts (5-7 mins in hot oven) 2 tbs hazelnut butter 2 tbs raw cocoa powder 1 tbs coconut oil pinch of sea salt 1 tbs maple syrup (optional... Continue Reading →

Chocolate caramel cheesecake.

  This nutty, chocolate caramel cheesecake is just divine! It is perfect for a dinner party pudding or as a snack to curb a sweet tooth.   Crumble base Half a cup of almonds Half a cup of pecans 2 tbs... Continue Reading →

My favourite soup recipe

This is the tastiest soup ever. I make it almost every week! You can adjust the stock amount depending on whether you like it thicker or thinner. This recipe is full of healthy greens and healing garlic and in my... Continue Reading →

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