Mixed bag of stir fry vegetables (or veg of your choice cut in into thin strips)

Whole wheat noodles

Tofu (cut into small bits)

Tamari sauce

Bean sprouts or Super sprouts

sesame seeds

rice wraps

ground nut oil/coconut oil



FRY tofu in oil and tamari sauce for 5 mins until slightly crispy then remove from pan

ADD vegetables and super sprouts to the same pan add extra tamari if desired.

Mix the tofu and veg together and season

BOIL the noodles as directed on packet

LAY two spring roll rice wraps on top of each other and submerge in boiling water until they go floppy

REMOVE wraps from boiling water and place a very small amount of noodles then vegetable/tofu mix on top and roll up (see online for directions if struggling with this step)

HEAT an inch of groundnut oil in wok. When a cube of bread crisps and turns brown in 15 seconds it is warm enough.

PLACE rolls in for 4 mins  (2 each side) and then remove and drain on paper

SERVE immediately with tamari sauce or any other sauce you desire.


Enjoy xx