1 medium cauliflower

flaxseed and water

nutritional yeast

flour (self raising or buckwheat, or gluten free or a mix of all of them)

chia seeds

garlic powder


tomato sauce (of some type)

vegan mozzarella ( I suggest ‘follow your heart; grated brand)



  • BLEND: cauliflower chunks in food processor until it is sand texture
  • STEAM: In bowl Cover with cling film (pierce holes) – 800w 5 mins in microwave
  • DRAIN: After it has cooled put it in a tea towel (or cheesecloth if u have one)and squeeze excess water out.
  • THEN ADD :

2 eggs(or if Vegan  – Flaxseed and Water ration 1:3TBS) / 3tbs nutritional yeast /                  3 tbs flour/ 1tbs chia seeds/1 tsp garlic powder/1/2 tps salt and basil and oregano.

  • SPREAD the messy dough onto parchment paper on a baking tray (use spatula to make round and even thickness)
  • OVEN preheat to 230 degrees – put 20 mins – flip halfway and change paper (use a spatula for this)
  • ADD toppings: tomato (passata basil and flax mix OR any tomato sauce …not much though or it get wet!!!!) and cheese: Either Vegan: Follow your HEART vegan mozzarella

OR Vegetarian: mozzarella (squeezed dry), Then add any other toppings.

  • GRILL: until cheese bubbles