These naughty looking buns are packed with protein and Omega 3 and 6. They are totally vegan and sugar free!

The small amount of melted vegan chocolate on top makes you feel like you are eating a very indulgent treat… when secretly they are actually doing you good!

Great for a pre and post workout snack or as a healthy pudding alternative.



½ cup uncooked quinoa (N.B. pre-cooked quinoa will NOT work!)

1.5 cups water

2 tbs raw cocoa powder

2tbs almond butter

½ mashed over ripened banana

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp vanilla extract

2tbs Maple syrup

1tbs flax seed

Handful of sugar free chocolate drops

1tsp coconut oil



BOIL water

ADD quinoa with pinch of salt

COOK on simmer for 30-35 mins or until fluffy and water evaporated

ADD 2 tbs cocoa powder, 2tbs almond butter, 1/2tsp baking powder, 1/2tsp vanilla extract,  2tbs Maple syrup, ½ mashed banana

MIX together

PRESS into greased muffin tin holes

COOK for 20-25 mins

TURN oven off and leave in for further 5 mins

TAKE out of oven to cook for 5 mins on rack

MELT some dairy free dark chocolate with small tsp coconut oil

DRIZZLE the chocolate over the top of the quinoa cakes

ENJOY now or keep in fridge up to a 4 days




Based on a recipe by  the wonderful Chocolate covered Katie