Vegan, dairy free, filled with fiber and healthy whole grains, this quesadilla is much better for you than you would first think.

It is also packed with black beans, red peppers and avocados that are great for your skin!



2 red peppers

1 packet of wholegrain tortilla wraps

1tbs coconut oil

1tbs Olive oil

1 large onion

1 can of blck beans

guacamole (I make my own but you can buy pre made)

vegan cheese (I make my own from cashew nuts – see other recipe on my blog)




COOK one chopped onion in pan with coconut oil for 2 mins

ADD chopped peppers and a can of drained rinsed black beans and cook until hot

IN a clean frying pan put olive oil and pace tortilla wrap in to heat

NEXT layer: vegan cheese, beans and pepper filling, vegan cheese

PLACE another wrap on top and squeeze down

AFTER 1 min flip and cook for further couple mins

FINALLY take off heat and cut and serve fresh guacamole