This may look like an odd image but check out that melted cheese squeezing from the side of my quesadilla…. OH MY YUM!

This cheese is delicious on everything…. you can adapt the colour or taste using the suggestion below to fit your different recipes too! More paprika and turmeric for yellow nacho cheese, yoghurt for mild cheese or liquid smoke for a more tangy mature tasting cheese. So many options to customize this recipe…..BUT best of all it melts and bubbles when heated!

N.B. Keep an eye on it as a topping (i.e on a pizza) as it can burn quickly!


Ingredients (makes enough for 2/4)

1 cup cashews

1tsp salt

1.5  cup water

4 tbs tapioca flour

2 tbs nutritional yeast

1 tsp of garlic and onion powder

½  tsp of paprika, turmeric, (or more depending on taste and colour preference)

1 tbs of agave syrup/ liquid smoke/ coconut yoghurt (this is for flavour – depending if you want your cheese sweet, smoky or tangy.

(F.Y.I.  – I usually use liquid smoke as a flavouring. But do have a play with different options as every option nice in all the different ways. You can also use all the flavourings at the same time too.)




BOIL cashews for 10 mins

DRAIN and place in nutribullet/blender with other ingredients – blend until totally smooth

POUR the liquid in pan – medium heat

HEAT for 5 ish mins until starts to go lumpy then form a thick stringy paste.

COOK for further 2 mins to ensure it has thickened up.

ENJOY immediately in: quesadillas, cheese toasties, nachos, pizza or pasta. It will melt down when re heated – YUM

Can also be put into a container and refrigerate and use up to a week later.