This is the tastiest soup ever. I make it almost every week!

You can adjust the stock amount depending on whether you like it thicker or thinner.

This recipe is full of healthy greens and healing garlic and in my opinion is just delicious.

I hope you enjoy it too!



Serves 2/4

Splash of oil of your choice (olive or coconut is best)

200g spinach (washed)

200g  watercress (washed)

1-3 cloves or garlic (depending on your preference)

1L Vegtable stock

salt + pepper

½ tbs lemon juice

one swirl of Oat cream to decorate (optional)


HEAT olive oil on medium low heat in saucepan and add onion and potato  for 8 mins then add garlic for further 2. Stirring continuously.

ADD watercress and spinach and 1L of veg stock. Bring to the boil. Season and add lemon to taste.

LEAVE to cool. When cold enough, blend until smooth.

SERVE it heated up in hob and garnish with swirl of oat cream to serve.


N.B. Leftovers will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week.