This nutty, chocolate caramel cheesecake is just divine!

It is perfect for a dinner party pudding or as a snack to curb a sweet tooth.


Crumble base

Half a cup of almonds

Half a cup of pecans

2 tbs almond butter

2  tabke spoons Algarve nectar

2 medjool dates


Caramel layer

2 bananas

6 dates

4tbs almond butter


Chocolate cheesecake layer

1 pack of tofu,

3tbs Oat cream

3tbs Almond Milk

3tbs cacao,

3tbs maple syurp,

1tbs macca powder,

50g melted chocolate,

pinch of salt,

2tbs peanut butter



BLEND ingredients for crumble base until crumble and press into bottom of cheesecake mould or tin.


BLEND ingredients for caramel layer until smooth. Pour and spread over the crumble base.


BLEND ingredients for chocolate cheesecake layer until smooth and spread on top of the cheesecake


PUT in fridge for 5 /6 hours  – Enjoy!