Great for healthy pudding at parties.

I also use left the filling recipe on its own sometimes…as a chocolate pot….just place some of the filling mixture in double shot glass and fridge over night for a lovely pud!


Makes 6 mini tarts


1 cup Oat flour

½ Almond flour

½ tbs Salt

3.5 TBS Coconut oil

1tbs Maple syrup




chocolate (I use vegan sugar free dark chocolate but any will do)

Silken tofu block

1 tbs Maple syrup

2 tbs Cocoa powder

1tsp Vanilla essence




  1. Mix, Oat flour, Almond flour, Salt, melted Coconut oil and Maple syrup.
  2. Press the base into the mini tart cases and freeze.
  3. Melt chocolate
  4. Place chocolate into food processor with, Silken tofu block, Maple syrup, cocoa powder, vanilla essence.
  5. Pour the mixture on to the tart case.
  6. Place in fridge for at least an hour.