Serves: This makes around 4  pancakes.

Time: 10 mins


I am a week late to upload this recipe but it went on my Instagram page for pancake day. @kedavison

But I thought it was still worth uploading as this recipe makes a great breakfast or pudding for any day of the year!



1 cup flour

1 cup almond milk

1 flax egg *



  1. Make 1 flax egg in a mug and set aside * (see below)
  2. Sieve flour in to a bowl + milk and egg and whisk until smooth.
  3. Heat oil of choice in pan and pour the mix (thinly and carefully) around the pan.
  4. Cook for two mins then flip to the other side and cook for two ore mins.


Enjoy with yoghurt and fruit, lemon and sugar, or ice cream and chocolate sauce.


*How to make a flax egg  – Mix 1tbs of ground flax seed with 3 of water and leave it for a few mins  until thickened.

It is a wonderful natural egg replacer!