Many people can’t understand why vegans don’t eat eggs and I have to admit I didn’t fully understand either … until recently. I had put off googling it as I didn’t want to see images of suffering hens. Which, when you think about it, was quite selfish of me. I didn’t want to have to see what they go through for me to enjoy an egg in the morning.

Eggs were something I continued to eat for a long time after my diet was mostly plant based. After all, they do contain beneficial vitamins and minerals and as long as I bought free range eggs, there is no harm …right?

After finally researching I now do not eat eggs for 5 main reasons:

  1. Cholesterol and fat.

I knew all animal products contained cholesterol and fat but I wasn’t aware that eggs are by far the highest form of cholesterol known to man. Our body requires cholesterol for our hormones and producing cell membranes but what we need, we can synthesise internally through the liver. So, we have no need for external forms of cholesterol. I am of normal build and healthy BMI but a few years ago I found out I had high cholesterol. High cholesterol intake has been connected with heart attacks, strokes and other diseases like diabetes. So even if you are slim you too may have high cholesterol and you may need to be wary of eating eggs. A couple of years ago I was eating eggs 3 times a week!… when I stopped (without doing anything else differently) I noticed some serious weight loss, which proves how high in fat they really are.

2. Male baby chicks.

This was something I never really thought of. When baby chicks are born they separate males and females. Obviously, females are the only ones who can produce eggs. They will often live their lives in dark sheds in crates on top of each other. However, some will go to free range facilities too. But I never wondered what happens to all the left over male chicks. Well, astonishingly they usually kill them within seconds of their birth by a number of means including grinding them up alive in a meat grinder. Now I am sure that if I put a baby male chick in your hand, you would never be able to throw it into a grinder to die a horrible death but every time you are buying eggs you are doing exactly this… you are just getting someone else to do it for you.

  1. Calcium deficiency.

In the wild, hens lay between 3-6 eggs a year. But we have bred them to now lay this many in a week. This is great for the farmers but every time a hen lays an egg she will lose a huge amount of her personal reserves of calcium. So, the hens we have bred will often break legs or lose strength in their joints and bones. They can become lame at a very young age.  This means in free range farms they are killed long before their time (often killed by wringing their necks or occasionally by slamming them repeatedly on the floor) or in battery sheds they often get pecked to death by other hens (pecking each other viciously until death is a sign of hens losing their minds in captivity) before the farmer notices they are lame.

  1. Connections to mental health/depression.

Some of you will already have heard of Dr Gregor He is a doctor who has dedicated his life to nutrition and went back and forward to discover the best diet for humans. After years of research he is now vegan and has so much scientific data (not sponsored by industry) to back it all up. In his world famous book ‘How not to die’ he wrote a large section on how not to die of suicide depression.  In this chapter he mentions studies that show how egg consumption is closely linked to depression. The reason is arachidonic acid. People with higher levels of this in their blood are more likely to be suicidal and depressed. The top 5 sources of arachidonic acid are; chicken, eggs, beef, pork and fish, but chicken and eggs alone contribute to more than all the other sources combined.

  1. It is gross.

An egg is literally a chicken’s period. Is there anything more disgusting that we eat? It also comes out from a chicken’s only exit hole which is also used for urine, faeces and other secretions. If you think that’s not an issue because they clean them, then drop an egg into a full dirty toilet, wash it and see how much you fancy eating it!


Hope this helps explain why vegans don’t eat eggs. There are many more reasons too but these are my main five and I hope they make you think twice about choosing eggs in the future. There are many egg replacement options* in cooking if you are a baker/cook so don’t feel you have to miss out on your favourite dishes like omelettes, cakes or pancakes.


As with anything I write, I always do a lot of research on the subject first, but if you believe anything I have written here to be incorrect please get in touch,

*Pictured above is  vegan scrambled eggs made with, Follow Your Heart’s vegan eggs. A delicious vegan replacement for eggs with hardly any fat!