Ensuring you eat home cooked, healthy food can be very time consuming (even more so if plant based) so more of us are turning to meal delivery services to make our lives easier.

There are so many options depending what you are looking for. Whether you want weight loss, a detox blast, frozen foods or juice fasts, there is a delivery to suit you. They almost all offer the option to order as a one-off or on a recurring basis with, say, weekly deliveries.

Whatever the reason for ordering I think we would all agree that having your breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared and dropped off for you in a box at the beginning of every day or week is a huge weight off your shoulders.

I have been interested in trying some plant-based deliveries for a while now, so I thought I would order a range of offerings, and review some different types of delivery services to help you pick your perfect box.


All Plants  


Delivers: Nationwide

What they offer: pre-made frozen plant-based meals. You choose 5 meals and they can be for 1 or 2 people.

Cost: £68 for 6 meals for two

My verdict: ***

Thoughts: One of the great benefits of this is that you can freeze them and therefore keep the food for the off lazy day, unlike the other meals, which all need to be eaten on the same day or within the week. The food was tasty and varied and had lots of different vegetables and legumes included in each one. The meal portions were for two, but fairly small. My husband (who is of normal size and appetite) could easily eat a portion for two by himself. The meals were full of veggies, varied and rather tasty but I found that they tasted like frozen meals (i.e. slightly mushy). I was also surprised to see some pretty unhealthy and unsustainable items in some of the ingredients lists such as palm oil, maltodextrin, gellan gum etc. It is worth checking the ingredients online before you make your choices (some are much better than others.) They do, however, have a lovely option to re-send the box and packaging free of charge back to the company to keep waste to a minimum, which I applaud.


Detox kitchen


Delivers: London

What they offer: A detox meal delivery with bolt on extras like chorella pills and pudding. 3 meals a day with 1 snack, 1 small nuts pot, 2 juices and a herbal tea bag. They offer 5 options: vegan, green, protein, mamma and active protein. The last three contain some fish and lean chicken and turkey. I went for the vegan option but the green option was vegan too. Meals included a lot of raw salads and curries.

Cost: £102 for 3 days (less if you order more days)

My verdict: ***

Thoughts:  I was very excited for this delivery as I had seen and heard a lot about them. The delivery was beautiful, the box and presentation was very good and there were so many extras like magnets, cool bags as well as the meals and drinks. You get a lot for your money here and I was so excited when I opened the parcel. All the food felt very healthy and tasted good. I was however slightly underwhelmed with the choice and flavour impact for vegans. Curries, crudites with dips and cold salads are nice but after three in a row of very similar meals, I wanted a change. The vegan menu felt a little bland and safe. I would however be interested in trying it again on different days as maybe I was unfortunately with the days I picked.  Saying this, their curries were very tasty, and the puds were delicious. They including things like, mini raw brownies and coconut energy balls.


My food


Delivers: Nationwide

What they offer: A weight loss meal plan with either 1000/ 1200/ 1500/ 2000 calorie days all planned and prepped for you at the beginning of the week.  3 meals a day. They offer a number of options for diet plans, but I chose the vegan option at 1000 calories. Meals included paella, risotto, teriyaki tofu and soups.

Cost: £102 for 5 days

My verdict: **

Thoughts: All the food arrived in zip bags, which meant it all looked a little mushed and like baby food by the time it arrived at my door which was a rather unappealing sight. However, all the meals were light and healthy but also very filling for such low calories, which was pleasantly surprising. However, I felt as though a ‘vegan meal plan’ may have been an after-thought for the service as most of them however slightly lacked favour. There was a lot of bland tofu and white rice. I did however, I always felt full and for value for money as a weight loss delivery plan it was good.



Spring Green London


Delivers: London

What they offer: A detox meal plan they say will leave you feeling lighter and fresher with clearer skin and better digestion. Three meals per day with a morning hibiscus water, juice, snack and a herbal tea bag. They offer three options: vegan, light protein and active protein. The last two contain some fish and lean chicken so I went for the vegan option. Meals included bean burger with peas, roasted veg with quinoa and Mexican bowls.

Cost: £153 for 3 days (less if you order more days)

My verdict: ****

Thoughts: The meals were delivered in a box every day (morning or evening). The food was presented perfectly, every dish was clearly made with love and care. Taste seemed to be prioritised in these meals; even their ‘snack nuts’ were roasted and flavoured with goji berries etc. The flavour was always big and textures were varied (which is not always the case with vegan dishes). I was sometimes left a little hungry as some of the meals were small portions but I imagine this was probably necessary to get that amount of flavour under 1200 calories a day. I really enjoyed all these meals from my avo on rye in the morning to the delicious bean burger with spinach and lemon peas. The best things about these meals were that my skin and digestion started to improve after just three days! The only real downside was that it was the most expensive option of the options I tried.


In conclusion, I think All Plants are useful for busy vegans as a back-up in the freezer but if you are super healthy this may not be for you. They are however reasonably tasty, cheap and very easy to store and cook.

My Food is good if you are out of London and looking to save time and lose weight but are not the most beautiful or exciting meals.

Detox Kitchen was great value in terms of what you get inside a box and I loved all the extras you could buy (like the puddings and the chlorella detox pills) but it was just not as tasty or adventurous as my personal favourite Spring Green, London. Spring green gave me detox food all under 1200 calories that was varied and tasted great. I am already looking forward to booking my next order with them later this month!