Healthy, sugar free, natural jam! Perfect on porridge or with toast and peanut butter also great for a healthy option for Victoria sponge fillings.

Makes: one pot

Time: 15 mins



400g frozen strawberries or raspberries

3 TBS maple syrup or 50ml of sweetener of choice

2 tbs chia seeds

½ tsp vaillla extract

½ tsp vanilla powder

¼ tbs fresh lemon juice

Dash of salt



  1. In saucepan strip frozen berries with maple syrup and salt. Cook until combined then simmer for 6/7 mins.
  2. Reduce heat and mash until you have a very watery jam
  3. Add chia seeds on low heat and cook for 10 more mins or until excess liquid has cooked off and it has thickened slightly
  4. Remove from heat and stir in vanillas and lemon juice
  5. Transfer to jam jar and cool uncovered to thicken further for a couple of hours (if shot of time freezer will do it in 40 stirring every 20 mins)
  6. Jam is now done and will keep in airtight container for 2-3 weeks