I was inspired to start this blog after witnessing the power of eating a plant based diet first hand.

A few years ago I was struck down with illness. It started with dysplasia of the throat (a precancerous condition). After numerous operations over a year and a half, I managed to get rid of it but it threw up a number of chronic illness problems including; POTS, EDS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome.

At my worst I was so tired that I was blacking out a few times a week, which was leaving me with a lot of black eyes and trips to hospital. I suffered on for years like this trying numerous drugs and treatments until last year, when I started eating a plant based diet.

I stopped blacking out within a few weeks! I still suffer with a few health issues but I felt so much better on this new diet that I wanted to share it with everyone.

After this miraculous improvement I became very interested in nutrition and took numerous courses online in biology and nutrition to ensure I was eating the healthiest way possible. I learnt alot from these courses and since then I am always thinking about the nutritional value of my cooking and ensuring I eat balanced meals.

I now firmly believe plant based is the healthiest and kindest way to eat.

This blog is to share information and recipes, and to encourage people to try more plant based cooking in their homes.