1 minute, Skinny Hummus recipe

I LOVE hummus but some of the ‘store bought’ ones have 50% Sunflower oil – making them rather unhealthy! So here is a recipe with NO OIL at all. It is super simple to make and trust me it doesn’t compromise the taste one bit.


Simple Cauliflower buffalo wings

Perfect for parties!. These BBQ cauliflower wings will take minimal effort but are great for match days or movie nights.

Low fat pesto

Pesto is one of my fav things. It can however be pretty calorific... with many store bought version having huge amounts of added sunflower oil. Here I have created a low fat recipe for you to make and enjoy at home. It is shown above on my edamame pasta with quorn chicken pieces and pine nuts. 

Low calorie, healthy waffles!

Yes, you read right... These waffles are truly guilt free!

World’s best roast potatoes

My grandmas recipe for the best roast potatoes ever!

Vegan, gluten free chocolate tarts

Great for healthy pudding at parties or intimate dinners.

Healthy peanut, flapjack bars

These high protein flapjacks are soft and delicious! 

Vegan pepperoni

Yes, I cut my pepperoni into star shapes! This spicy vegan pepperoni is delicious to top your pizza or put in calzones or toasties.

Red lentil bolognese

Perfect for lasagne or Spag Bol.

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