One bowl vegan cookies

 These delicious cookies are totally vegan and refined sugar free. Sweetened only with maple syrup. Only take 5 minutes to make and all done in one bowl!


Spinach potato waffles with pea dip

My waffle iron has to be one of my favourite kitchen purchases. I love waffles for breakfasts. I have them topped with fruit and yoghurt. For ease, I  make a batch and freeze them then I  use a toaster to... Continue Reading →

5 Ingredient Bean Burgers

5 ingredients. 10 mins to make from scratch. This really is healthy fast food.

Panko and mustard tofu fingers.

A healthy, vegan fish finger replacement.

The best vegan cheesecake….ever!

Best vegan cheesecake recipe

Vegan feta and spinach parcels.

Delicious Lebanese treat

Vegan Baked Feta

Amazing for dinner parties or snacking throughout the week!

Cheesy vegan polenta fries

These fries taste as crunchy as triple cooked chips but they are baked not deep fried! You can add the nutritional yeast (listed below) for the cheesy flavor or you can miss it out for normal polenta fries. Polenta is... Continue Reading →

Cookie dough squares

  Sweet, delicious and a great source of protein. These cookie dough squares will always go down a treat! Great for packed lunches or 4o'clock munchies but also delicious crumbled over vegan ice cream or coconut yoghurt. 150g brazil nuts... Continue Reading →

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