It is NOT Vegan VS Farmer!

With more stories breaking about anger and violence between vegans and farmers this growing debate is becoming big news. In this blog I hope to raise some of the issues on both sides and try to make everyone think about the way they are feeling and acting.


Top 10 reasons not to go vegan – De bunked

10 of the most popular reasons not to go vegan and why they are not as valid as you may think!

Why don’t vegans consume dairy?

So, why don’t vegans consume milk and cheese?

Why don’t vegans eat eggs?

Every wondered why vegans don't eat eggs. Read this article to find out more....

World’s best pizza sauce

For years I use to use passata or pasta sauces or my pizzas but they are different things! So here is the world's best pizza sauce recipe .... so you don't have sloppy homemade pizzas ever again.

3 ingredient plant based pancakes

These super fast 3 ingredient pancakes will change your life.

World’s best banana bread.

No words can describe how much I love this cake/breakfast loaf. I just urge you to make it ASAP!

Winter root vegetable crumble

Savory crumble... yes, it's a thing...and it's gooood!  Filled with protein and vegetables this well balanced meal is delicious and a hit with all.

1 minute, Skinny Hummus recipe

I LOVE hummus but some of the ‘store bought’ ones have 50% Sunflower oil – making them rather unhealthy! So here is a recipe with NO OIL at all. It is super simple to make and trust me it doesn’t compromise the taste one bit.

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